Reftone LD-10 Woofers

The Reftone LD-10 woofers were designed to fit inside every version of the famous Yamaha reference speakers, NS-10 models -10M, 10M Pro, 10M Studio, 10MX, 10MC and 10MT. They were engineered to match all the traditional frequencies of the various NS-10 versions but the design has the ability to handle more low frequency information. The proprietary design translates mid and bass frequencies with more clarity and precision than ever before. Sold in matched pairs, this replacement part will update both speakers at once and instantly bring you a level up. Since Yamaha discontinued making NS-10 woofers, Reftone LD-10 replacement woofers offer the industry an upgrade for the most popular reference tool used today and in the future.


  • Solves the “hard-to-find woofer replacement” problem
  • Designed to handle the increased bass found in today’s music
  • More clarity and precision in the mid and low frequencies
  • Out-performs the original woofers with more low-end translatability
  • Carefully designed to be a durable replacement part, made with quality materials
  • Woofers sold in matched pairs for consistent upgrade
  • Accepting pre-orders now, shipping TBD

LD-10 Woofer Technical Specifications

Bass Driver Size                                                     7” (18 cm)

Impedance                                                             8 Ohm

Frequency Response                                             40Hz-7kHz

SPL (Sensitivity)                                                      90 dB

Fits Yamaha NS-10 Versions                                  10M, Pro, Studio, MX, MC, MT

Nominal Speaker Power Input                                60 W (25W model 10M)

Maximum Speaker Power Input                             120W (50W model 10M)

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(Balance $259 due upon shipping)

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