Official development of Reftone speakers started in 2011. Although for Designer Dave Hampton, quality custom speaker systems had been a specialty of his since the 1990s. After having built large custom studio mains for the likes of Babyface, Prince and Herbie Hancock, he wanted to deliver the same concept of custom-built, large studio monitors to consumers- but in a very small footprint. The passive speakers would be handcrafted with a 4” driver, made from Baltic Birch plywood (or similar) and serve as quality reference monitors for the masses. As Dave described and showed the new product to his design partner, Lisa Chamblee, she named the speaker brand “Reftone” and began to package and market them.

Reftone Speakers LLC is a growing company and Reftone is a word-of mouth brand that’s thriving from industry buzz and support. Through the years perfecting the manufacturing process from the United States to the Philippines, Reftone sells speakers worldwide. Proud Reftone owners span the whole audio industry from musicians, producers and engineers, to major recording studios, educators/schools and house of worship organizations.


Reftone speakers were developed for the purpose of setting a new industry standard for analog reference monitoring. The mission is to offer affordable, high-quality audio reference monitoring solutions to the multi-media industry without a compromise on design and quality. Reftone speaker products give users a detailed, accurate listening experience that translates their audio work clearly.